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The company's origins date back to 2010 when its founders identified a huge niche in the global finance market and decided to pursue their dream of creating a service dedicated to lives of millions of people in the developing World. Today, it is a stable series C funded fin-tech business, with over 700 employees across 9 global locations and their technology is used in over 150 countries. And they are still growing.

You could become part of that journey and work as the Senior Software Developer (.NET), helping to improve the platform moving towards a microservice architecture, focusing on continuous delivery, scalability and system resilience. The work is varied, from creating new products and features to improving existing functionality. The company strives to build a better customer experience and a better codebase. Stack involves .NET Core, Azure, Microservices, CI, CD, TDD, Agile.

What's on offer? Salary of up to £75k per year and plenty of other perks.

You Will Enjoy Working Here If

  • You write great code. We understand code is read more than it's written, better off tested and maintainability is a must.
  • You like working closely with product owners, designers and other engineers to design and refine our work.
  • You are not scared of working beyond just a pull request. You care about bugs, scalability, uptime and other non-functional requirements.
  • You are confident to review others' work and happily seek feedback on yours to ensure you build a better codebase and sharpen each other's skills.
What it takes to work here?
  • You are a skilled Engineer. 5 - 8+ years' experience (they have numerous roles ranging in seniority) of building APIs and services.
  • You are comfortable with C# and enjoy the open source .NET core renaissance.
  • You deal in databases. You can sketch out schemas, discuss the trade-offs of NoSQL and query-plan your way through scaling issues.
  • The Cloud Native platform is hosted in AWS and Azure and you are comfortable working with a system that supports users from around the world, at scale.
  • Well-principled in the craft of Software Engineering - you will understand deeply: modularity, testability, extensibility, scalability and other -ilities.
  • You see a problem; you fix a problem. You get buy in for your solutions and keep tickets moving.
  • You are willing to use your skills and experience to mentor less-experienced engineers. A desire to learn from others and make yourself better every day.
  • You need to be excited about working in a fast-changing environment. Products, tools, frameworks and processes change and evolve.


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